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Meinl Classics 8" Low Bell Effects Cymbal

$USD 60
These effects cymbals are available in three different pitches and they offer a very long sustain and a dry, pingy, brilliant stick response....
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K Zildjian K1142 Constantinople Vintage 20" Medium Light Cymbal Pair

$USD 900
K Constantinople Vintage Orchestral cymbals possess a rich, powerful and dark expression of a cymbal sound normally found only in cymbals over one hundred y...
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Meinl Mb20 24" Pure Metal Ride Cymbal

$USD 389
Meinl's Mb20 cymbals are a combination of superior materials, craftsmanship and strength, resulting in an aggressive sound. They are heavy cymbals which hav...
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Sabian 11824XN HHX New Symphonic Series 18" Germanic Orchestral Cymbal Pair - Natural Finish

$USD 639
Sabian HHX New Symphonic Series Orchestral Cymbal Pairs offer a cool shimmer and warm tone to create a musically full response....
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A Zildjian A0452 Stadium 14" Medium Band Marching Cymbal Pair

$USD 355
Their warm, shimmering sound projects clearly into every corner of a stadium, with the ability for emphatic "zing" effects. 14" medium....
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Paiste 2002 6 1/2" Cup Chime - #4

$USD 99
These cup chimes have a bright, warm, full, brilliant tone with a wide range, and clean mix. They are soft, and extremely responsive with an explosive, shat...
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Paiste 14" Dark Crisp Hi Hat Cymbal - Top Only

$USD 254
This cymbal has a fairly dark, full, crisp tone with a wide range, and complex mix. They have a very responsive feel, and a slightly dirty open sound. This ...
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Dream CH18 18" China Lion Cymbal

$USD 67
These traditional style Chinese cymbals are hand made by the same skilled Wuhan craftsmen that make all Dream cymbals and gongs. They are known for their da...
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Meinl Byzance 10" Brilliant Splash Cymbal

$USD 150
MEINL Byzance cymbals are completely hand hammered into shape and satisfy the highest demands. Every Byzance cymbal is a piece of art and has its own unique...
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Sabian 21885XB AAXplosion 18" Fast Crash Cymbal - Brilliant Finish

$USD 249
AAX gives you control in any style of music. Only AAX delivers such consistently crisp, clear responses. 18" crash....
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Paiste Alpha Brilliant 14" Metal Edge Hi Hat Cymbal - Bottom Hi Hat

$USD 125
For 2010, Paiste presents the Alpha Series in a new Brilliant Finish, and once again advances trusted qualities. This bottom Hi Hat Cymbal is 14"....
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Sabian 22055XB AAX New Symphonic Series 20" Medium Heavy Orchestral Cymbal Pair - Brilliant Finish

$USD 585
Sabian AAX New Symphonic Series Orchestral Cymbal Pairs offer bright, glassy response with increased cut and clarity....
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K Custom Zildjian 14'' Dark Hi-Hat - Top Cymbal

$USD 230
This is where the Zildjian Sound Lab goes into innovation overdrive. K customs arm you with a collection of Modern K voices like no other. In this range you...
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Zildjian K Custom 18" Fast Crash Cymbal

$USD 320
K Custom Crash with new bell design. Faster decay and quicker response than regular K Custom Crashes. Specifications: Weight: Thin Finish: Brilliant F...
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Ludwig Hoop Mount Cymbal Holder

$USD 82
Ludwig Hoop Mount Cymbal Holder...
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Pearl Leather Strap for C1000S Cymbal Stand

$USD 10
Pearl Leather Strap for C1000S Cymbal Stand...
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LP Super Mount-All Bracket with Tilter

$USD 45
The Latin Percussion LP236T Super Mount All Bracket with Tilter is a durable, versatile piece of hardware that any drummer/percussionist can find a use for....
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Gibraltar SC19B Flanged Base 8mm Short Cymbal Sleeve

$USD 5
The Gibraltar SC-19B Short Cymbal Sleeve features a 8mm flanged base for shorter shaft length cymbal titlers. They come in packages of 4....
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Sabian AA 18" China Cymbal - Brilliant Finish

$USD 229
Combining energy and bright, musical tone, AA 18" China cymbals penetrate any music, at any volume, with high-end responses and cool, crisp clarity....
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K Zildjian K2014 Symphonic Series 18" Light Orchestra Cymbal Pair - Brilliant Finish

$USD 680
Zildjian is proud to announce the new K. Symphonic line of hand cymbals. Designed in conjunction with Marc Damoulakis of the Cleveland Orchestra, the K. Sym...
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Trophy Music Company FIREBALLZ Vibration Sensitive LED Cymbal Nut - Brilliant Blue

$USD 14
Brilliant Blue FIREBALLZ produce an incredible displayof dancing lights by brightly flashing with each strike of your cymbal. Thisproduct will light up the...
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Paiste Formula 602 15" Modern Essentials Hi-Hat Cymbal - Bottom

$USD 310
Forged from the legendary 602 Bronze (CuSn20), offering a complete new wide and dynamic sound dimension, developed in close collaboration with Vinnie Colaiu...
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Meinl B20JMTC Byzance 20" Jazz Medium Thin Crash

$USD 370
Meinl B20JMTC Byzance 20" Jazz Medium Thin Crash is fast and explosive with a warm, dark sound, yet still has a clear projection. With its complex frequenc...
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Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 16" China Cymbal

$USD 270
Living up to their name, these cymbals are extremely dry, with low-pitched, trashy sounds and short sustain. The raw unlathed surfaces and extensive hand ha...
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Ahead AA6024W Armor Deluxe Heavy Duty Cymbal Case w/ Wheels

$USD 156
NAMM 2105, the Ahead AA6024W Armor Deluxe Heavy Duty Cymbal Case fits cymbals up to 24 inches and comes with wheels, handles, AND a shoulder strap...
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Zildjian A Series 20'' Ping Ride Cymbal - Used Model

$USD 229
Guaranteed lowest 229 on ZILDJIAN Model A0042 - Buy the Zildjian A Series 20'' Ping Ride Cymbal - Used Model at - shop Ride Cymbals and ...
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Sabian 14" XSR Fast Crash

$USD 109
Crafted from pure SABIAN B20 Bronze using trickle-down technology from award-winning Evolution and X-Plosion cymbals, XSR delivers unpresendented sound and ...
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DW Drums Felt & Wing Nut Combo

$USD 10
Introducing DW's new Integrated Cymbal Felt System. A newly-designed cymbal seat includes an incorporated barbed sleeve to both protect the cymbal and retai...